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Height: 5'5"                                                                                                                 Weight: 145lbs

Eye color: Blue                                                                                                          Hair color: Red


Cataract                                               Supporting                              VTYA Media

Counting Sheep                                   Lead                                         Emory University

Thick as Thieves                                  Lead                                         Florida State University

Missing                                                 Lead                                         Florida State University

Social Anxiety                                      Lead                                         Florida State University

Blind Generosity                                  Lead                                         Florida State University

End Suicide                                          Supporting                              Florida State University

Scary Prank Gone Wrong                    Supporting                               Florida State University



Robin Hood*                                        Nurse/Potter                           Tipsy Tales

Human: Pretty Monstrous                   Performer                                7 Stages Theatre

Titus Andronicus                                 Chiron                                     Live Arts Theatre

Things That Go Bump                          Jan                                           OnStage Atlanta

12 Angry Jurors                                    Juror #4                                    Act3 Productions

Tapas: The Great Divide                      Carver/Star                              Academy Theatre

The Big Meal                                        Woman #3                                OnStage Atlanta

Almost, Maine                                      Marvalyn                                  CentreStage North

Into the Woods                                     Stepmother                              Performer’s Warehouse

The Villain’s Supper Club                   German Pediatrician               Florida State University

*project postponed due to COVID-19


B.A. in Theatre, Florida State University

2018-19 Intern at 7 Stages Theatre


Acting:              Florida State University- Leslie Patterson, Michael Hayden, Fred Chappell

Voice:                Florida State University- Debra Hale (Linklater)

                          Atlanta- Jayme Alilaw

Movement:        Florida State University- Kate Gelabert

                          Florida State University London- Mick Barnfather

Combat:            Florida State University London- Rachel Bown-Williams

Improv:             Dad’s Garage- Rickey Boynton, Sarah Ackerman



2019 Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Award Nominee for Best Leading Actress in The Big Meal

BADC stage combat certified: unarmed, rapier & dagger, small sword

Dialects: Standard British, Cockney, Irish, Southern

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